These Are 5 Great Ways to Keep Your Child Nourished and Healthy

Children are the loves of our lives, and we always want to make sure they are healthy and strong. Rather than give them Flintstones or Centrum or chocolate calcium chews, we can get them as healthy as they can ever get by feeding them a few simple things and taking it one step at a time, as we all know that putting a big bowl of kale salad in front of a kid that’s used to eating Doritos and mac and cheese will only anger the poor thing and frustrate poor mom who is only trying to help.
These Are 5 Great Ways to Keep Your Child Nourished and Healthy


Fruits are a wonderful addition to a child’s diet. Because of their excellent ‘packaging’ thanks to nature, they are very bioavailable and easy to digest, and are cleansing and energizing. They help protect the body from toxins while nutrifying the organs, and because they are sweet and delicious, are easy for children to eat. Get creative with the fruits – cut them into funny shapes, try new ones, go to fruit picking orchards and ask your child to get what sounds good to them when at the grocery store.

Children come in all scopes of fussiness regarding food. Some eat whatever you put in front of them, and some only eat marshmallows. Either way, approaching healthy eating in a fun, exciting and adventurous way will help sway their curiosity into trying new things. Just make sure you like it too and that you’re willing to eat healthier as well, as you can’t expect your kid to be snacking on celery sticks while you eat potato chips!

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